Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stop Following Me Around

What, you didn't think there would be only one post from me about trains, did you?

At one point or another, most brides have to decide what to do with the train/bustle of their dress.  Especially if you're making your own, like Miss Sewing (jeesh, showoff).

I hadn't thought much about the train when purchasing my dress, but like most wedding gowns, it came with one:

So was I ready to ham it up with my train for the camera like these brides?



Well, no, I wasn't ready.  Not because my train isn't lovely, but because...I'm lazy.  These pics are pretty, right? Totally! But I don't want to carry my train around. Not gonna do it. My arms get tired just looking at these pictures. 

I considered lopping the whole train off, but: (1) the alterations seamstress looked at me like I was nuts; and (2) I plan on selling my dress afterwards and thought that potential buyers may want a train.

That train is going to be bustled up from the get-go.  I want it bustled for the pre-ceremony portraits and the ceremony.  I know, I know--I may lose some drama walking down the aisle without a train, but I'm serious--I don't want to drag that thing down the aisle. I have enough problems walking as it is, and most likely Kevin would find some way to set the train on fire as we walk down the aisle. No joke.

How do you feel about your train? I want to hear love stories, so-so stories, and hate-my-train stories.

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