Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bali, I am Still Coming For You

Bali, I'm very excited about you. And my swimsuit.  But not about your hangers-on.

Ew. I am like a magnet for mosquito bites. I will get bitten to death while Kevin, in the same environment, will be bite free. Jerk. Just kidding. But really, I hate mosquitoes.

There are theories as to why this happens, including something about people like me emitting chemical compounds like uric acid/urea (great, I am *peeing* out of my pores), but no one knows for sure.

Unfortunately, Bali is full of these little f&*kers.  I kid you not that when I heard this, I seriously started to reconsider our honeymoon location.  But, anticipating the utter embarrassment I would feel explaining to people that I passed up, of all things, the opportunity to go to Bali due to, of all things, a fear of mosquito bites, I decided to find a different solution (people just don't understand my pain. heartless).

A frequent Bali traveler friend of mine (she studies Balinese music, why oh why didn't I specialize in Indonesian beach property law) recommended Avon Skin So Soft's Bug Guard.

Apparently this stuff is the bomb--effective, with a pleasant scent, and it comes with or without sunscreen. I myself will be going for the sunscreen-repellant combo, and in the disappearing purple color!

I'm thinking about emptying 100+ tubes into a vat and just dunking myself in it every morning.

But that's not all--in the event that I don't want to lug around a bottle of this magic potion but still want to protect myself from the carnivores, I got a few of these bug repellent towelettes:

And just for a little bit of fun, I picked me up one of these:

The Avon Shea Butter Brown Sugar Body Scrub--I am attempting to exfoliate my skin to luminous, glowing and smooth perfection before the big trip. And since it's brown sugar-based, I can also give my arms a thorough licking after each shower. Yum! (I don't actually do this.)

Any skincare issues you are taking into consideration for your honeymoon?

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  1. wha? all this effort to get bug repellant, and then you slather yourself with bug-attracting sugar syrup? you are one mighty strange pug.