Wednesday, March 17, 2010


When I was considering venues and forming our initial guest list (wow that was a long long long time ago), I was always interested in any information regarding how many of the invited guests actually come to the wedding.  The numbers of course differ based on many factors, such as the size/location/time/etc. of the wedding, but I wanted to quickly share our numbers.

Our venue capacity is 60 people.  We invited about 65 people, 61 of whom could realistically make it (we were 99.99% sure that a few older relatives would not be able to make the cross-country/international trip).  About 17 invited guests are from the Bay Area (i.e. close to the venue), and the rest were from out of town, so we considered it a semi-destination wedding.

Of the 65, 48 have RSVP'd as "yes".  That is around 70%, or 75% of the 61 guests we felt could realistically make it.  This seems like a reasonable percentage to me.

To break it down further (again, I was always interested in this information), out of 17 guests that live within 2 hours of Half Moon Bay, we had a 100% "yes" rate (all 17 people).  Out of the the 48 guests that would have had to travel to Half Moon bay, we have a 64% " yes rate (31 people) (FYI, the 48 out of towners also includes the few older relatives we were fairly positive would not be able to make it).

Any other percentages people care to share? How many did you invite? How many came? Where was your wedding?

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