Monday, March 1, 2010

On the Way to the Hair Salon...

...I must have lost a few brain cells.

Remember the hairstyle I wanted? 

(Mrs. Coconut)

Remember my hair trial?  Here was the finished product.

I really liked it, but could have done without so many curls, which was due my long, long, long hair:

Keep in mind my hair is curled in the above picture, so it was a few inches longer when straight.  At the time, my hair/makeup artist, Aimee Lam, gently asked whether I *always* kept my hair that long--as if to say please, hon, chill on the Rapunzel.

I figured suuure, I have *tons* of hair to spare.  So a couple of weeks ago I went in for a haircut. And I'm not sure where my usual fear-of-change and risk-averse personality went, but I asked the stylist to lop off a good chunk.  No fear!

Not pleased with myself.

While not shockingly short, I'm concerned that it's too short to achieve the curled low updo that I want.

So on my way back from the salon, after having lost said previous brain cells, I then started to lose perspective.  At that point, it wasn't even a matter of whether my hair could physically be formed into the above hairstyle (because looking at it now, it's not *that* short).  I was absolutely convinced that I had ruined my chances of achieving my beloved hairstyle and kicked myself for having gotten such a short haircut so close to the wedding.

Eventually, Kevin injected a little sense back into me by saying: "Honey you're going to look beautiful no matter what, this isn't something you have to worry about." (two brownie points, maybe even three, for that man!)

Whether I can or cannot get the hairstyle, psychologically this is a lesson for me to "let go". I wanted a particular hairstyle. I may not get it.  But Kevin is right.  I've hired a hair/makeup artist who is uber talented and whom I love, who will do an amazing job in making me up all pretty with or without this hairstyle. Right? I mean, who freakin' fixates on a HAIR STYLE??

Let go, let flow. (Of course, I say this after I asked our local vitamin peddler whether prenatal vitamins would help my hair grow faster in a month. He looked at me funny.)

Anyone else make a few "oops" before the wedding?  Anyone need a little jolt back into reality that it's okay if you don't get what you originally envisioned?


  1. it's definitely shorter but it's still long. you had me thinking you went and got a bob.

  2. I like the cut!! Maybe your hair girl can say what my first trial girl did which was that i needed extensions because my hair was SO thin. i was like, I'm cool, I'm not trying to go all britney at my weddding, but ok.