Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why Do I Even Bother

We love our dogs, to state the obvious.  While we don't shower them with tons of treats and toys (much to my sister's horror), we do splurge on certain items.  Like their VET BILLS, especially RIKKI'S.  She is EXPENSIVE.  Okay fine those are a necessity. Moving on. When we were buying Bunni her first bed, we wanted to make sure we got a quality one. Sturdy, comfortable, easily washable, etc.  So Kevin searched high and low for the perfect one, and purchased it. 

This is how Bunni felt about it.

Yes, that would be the little ingrate sitting on her POTTY PAD, mere inches away from her nice, plush bed.  

She did eventually warm up to the $$$ bed.

See how nice and fluffy and bright it is? Well, after about 2 years, it started to look very tired, even after a washing.  After hemming and hawing for a long time, we decided to bite the big one and get an oversize plush bed, that maybe both of the dogs could sleep in after we got Rikki.

This is how Bunni feels about her new bed:  

There it is.  All big, fluffy and sturdy, just hanging out at the back of the picture.

Yeah, she prefers the limp, dirty, unrevivable ratty ass one, the one she can barely fit in anymore.

To add insult to injury, the pugs prefer sleeping just about everywhere else besides their nice, expensive bed.

Oh I'm sorry is that comfortable enough for you?

No, no, don't move, I was just thinking about sitting on my own couch to watch TV, but you go ahead.
Thank you for ensuring that our fabric softener is still in tip top shape. I can sleep peacefully now.

So after realizing that the pugs pretty much sleep wherever they want to besides in their beds, we decided to save floor space and stack the beds.  And then this happened:


  1. Why sleep on a new bed when you can rest your head on aromatic shoes? I'm with Rikki and Bunni on this one.

  2. That is SO adorable!! I love it. I have a hilarious picture of Molly trying to squeeze into my friend Kim's dog's (porkchop) bed. Porkchop is about 4 lbs, Molly weighs about 50 lbs. They really do sleep wherever they want.

  3. haha, your pugs are so cute. our pet rat escaped from her cage once..and instead of you know - running away, eating the cables, raiding the pantry, etc..she decided to sleep on the couch. animals are so weird sometimes.

  4. bigapple, perhaps you and the pugs have a very good point.

    kelsey i'd love to see that picture!

    penga--hold up there, you have a pet rat? do tell more! or post something on your blog about her!

  5. Haha that's awesome! My dog is like that too — we have a weewee pad out in the living room "just in case" but he has NEVER used it to pee. Instead, he uses it as a bed. And when I saw that his old bed was getting pretty old and ratty I bought him a newer, fluffier one and he ignored it for the old! But like your dogs, he never refuses any sort of fabric on the floor, whether it be fresh laundry out of the dryer or a dirty underwear.

  6. Haha they are like princess and the pea in that last picture with their stack of mattresses. So cute! You are making me want to get 2 dogs. Twice the pooppppp... wait maybe not.

  7. omg that pic of bunni snuggling closely with her dada's shoe is TOOO CUTE.

  8. hahaha!

  9. I literally LOLed at that last cute! You're making me want 2 dogs too! Where did you get those plush doggie beds?