Tuesday, July 27, 2010

After School Snacks

In high school, I had a pretty specific after-school routine.  No it did not involve extracurricular activities.  I would go home, make myself a snack, go to my parents' room, turn on the TV, lay in bed with my favorite shows on, eat my snack, and fall asleep until my mom got home.  *Such* a lazy ass.

I have very, very, very fond memories of many an afternoon singing to the theme song to this show and then promptly dozing off.

I know, I said I was in high school.  But I never said I had good taste or acted my age. After this, there was Saved by the Bell, Batman, and other shows I can't really remember because I was in and out of dozing consciousness.

So what was I noshing on?  Oh the wholesomeness, courtesy of my parents' love affair with Costco.  Here is a sampling:

we had a trashy brand of frozen burrito but I can't remember the name and it's probably not in business anymore

Let me clarify that these nutritionally balanced snacks were usually heated in the microwave.  Yes we had a toaster oven and that's the better, tastier way to heat up these babies, but screw that I wanted my junk food fast and soggy.

Oh let's not forget these:

It's kind of a wonder that I eat fresh food at all considering that opening up our pantry sometimes looked like you entered the junk food aisle of a drugstore. As I mentioned, there is a deep-seated and ongoing love affair between my parents and Costco--there wouldn't just be a bar or two of candy, there would be BOXES of this stuff.  Along with gallon size tubs of trail mix, massive containers of Slim Jims (yeah, what of it), and the like.

And that, my friends, is an encouraging, all-American peek into my adolescence.

Did you have any favorite after-school routines and/or snacks?


  1. OMG. Animaniacs and Celeste pizza. I almost teared up with nostalgia.

  2. My family loved Sam's club, and my favorite snack was the big sour pickles. YUM.

  3. Were you chilling at my house instead of me? It was the exact menu for me (except add in protein shakes with raw eggs and some cans of Red Bull for game days) and Animaniacs whenever I could fit them in! I'm still a sucker for French bread pizzas when I'm eating alone!

  4. yeah.... did you just write about my childhood?

  5. Consider this trick: Microwave for almost appropriate time then finish off in the toaster oven on toast to remove some of the sog. :)

    I also remember a few months worth of marie calendars microwave chicken pot pies thrown in my mix as well.

    Did you collect all the Animaniacs toys when they were in the happy meals? I sure did.

    I ate a lot of those Airheads chewy candies too. Big ass box from Costco, of course.

  6. Love this! I was the same way with food when I was younger - my mom very rarely cooked, and most of my meals as a child consisted of either McDonald's or Hamburger Helper. Honestly, it's a wonder I don't weigh 500 pounds now. I was the worst eater ever as a kid!

  7. mmmm.... trashy burritoes. DAMN those were the good ol' days.

  8. Lucky! We made ghetto pizzas after school. Don't believe me? Here's the "recipe:"

    1. Take two slices of white bread
    2. Smear with spaghetti or tomato sauce
    3. American cheese on top.
    4. Stick in broiler, toaster oven, or microwave depending on level of laziness.
    5. Eat.

    Repeat. :)

  9. YES ANIMANIACS! I watched that with a ham and cheese croissant hot pocket. HOT pocket!

  10. Ok, so Animaniacs annoyed the shiz out of me, but our choice of after school snack is pretty spot on. Though, if I could, I'd have some eggnog (how weird is that) and massive hunks of cheese. It's a shock I didn't weigh 500 pounds in high school/middle school.

  11. I have been singing the Anamaniacs song for 2 days now. Thank you... :Þ