Friday, July 2, 2010

For the Twilight Fans

Kevin and I dropped by Crumbs bakery last week and they had a little something for Twilight fans.

So, like, Jacob is the dark one? Why? I mean, aren't vampires associated with darkness what with the whole only being able to move around freely at night (ok I know that's not the case in Twilight but I'm just saying).  Oh, is it because Jacob is supposed to be a person of color?? Oh what is this all RACIAL now?? Haha I'm just kidding. I just felt like being all annoying. Edward is supposed to be all sparkly and stuff.  Although I don't get the yellow--why didn't they just use non-colored sparklies? Are they trying to say he has jaundice?  Or he's Asian--again with the RACIAL stuff what the hell. Okay, totally kidding.

And yes, please note the calorie count, which Kelsey posted about on her blog. Here it is, in full force.

Speaking of baked goods with personalities...Per our usual weekend ritual, Kevin and I went to Soutine Bakery on our walk with the dogs last Saturday morning to buy brioche buns.  When we brought them home, I found that one had a split personality, kind of like the mullet.

Side 1: Ooh eat me! I'm so tasty, puffy and delicious!  I'm a brioche! Just imagine all the butter and egg laden air pockets--so tasty!

Side 2: Screw you I'm too tired for this shit.  Pbbhhhttt...



  1. You are totes right - Edward is sparkly! ;) I think if I lived in new york I'd never eat a cupcake again. Too much knowledge!

  2. Hahah. I love that Edward is sparkly. And yes, everything is racially motivated... good thing brown flavor is DELICIOUS.

  3. haha, i want a sparkly edward! is jacob supposed to be hairy too, with the choco pieces? lol.

  4. I am a new follower and I think this is the first time I have commented but I HAD to. You literally had me laughing so hard the hubs came over to be noisy and figure it out. He thinks I'm weird but it's okay. Thank you for the good pick me up this morning.

  5. Hey, thanks for talking about me. :) Mmm..sparkly Edward. You are hilarious. Also, I have to ask, did you audibly act out your description of the brioche at the bakery? I sure hope so. Did Kevin catch it on video?

  6. Team Edward. Team EDWARD!! I don't mind that those are the sprinkles of my people, I'll eat that up anyway.