Thursday, July 1, 2010


I have some posts up on Weddingbee about my engagement ring, but there were some random thoughts/stories that are dribbling out of my mind.

Before Kevin and I got engaged, I had all sorts of ideas of how we would be "different" and not do the traditional woman-wears-engagement-ring thing.  I think this stemmed from my feeling that I was "older" (all of 31 or 32 or whatever), and thought I should be over the whole wedding thing. Ha! I was so wrong.

But anyway, I knew for a while that I didn't want to wear a diamond.  It's a little silly because I ended up with a gold ring and a sapphire, and who knows where it came from and what people might have gone through in order to get these materials, but I digress...

For a while, I also didn't like the idea of just me wearing an engagement ring.  Like I'm a marked possession or something--how come men don't wear engagement rings? So I thought maybe we should both wear rings, and then for the wedding get them engraved so they could be a smidgen different for the big day. 

Then I thought what would be simplest was if neither of us had rings. Then we could just exchange wedding bands when the time came.

So these thoughts are floating in my mind, and then Kevin and I had this totally random day which eventually led us down the more traditional route. So much for my bright, out-of-the-box ideas.

Kevin had a few weeks off in between jobs, and we took that opportunity to get Bunni.  It was hard for him having to watch her almost all the time (except for that one time he took a break, left her in her crate for too long, and she shredded, and I mean SHREDDED, the potty pad we had put in there. By the way, he "wanted to show me" what she had done so didn't clean it up, and waited for me to get home.  Guess who cleaned it.).  So when she went in for her spay, we treated ourselves to a nice lunch at Bouley.  

By the way this was before I had read about things going wrong with spay surgeries, I just thought it was so routine and not a big deal at all, which is why we were being frivolous parents and going to a fancy lunch.  In retrospect I'm kinda glad I was in the dark about the risks of spay surgery because I would have been freaking out. And not eating at Bouley. That would be sad.

ANYWAY (I keep getting off track), we had a few glasses of wine and were feeling full and tipsy, so we decided to walk part of the way home.  As we were strolling through Soho, we came across a little polished sliver of a jewelry store owned by David Lee Holland.  We decide to pop in, admire the jewelry, and I saw a piece that I really liked.  Somehow one thing led to another and we're talking about getting a ring and a sapphire and blah dee blah blah blah.

And no, we didn't look for a ring for Kevin, so it was just going to be me wearing a lovely engagement ring.

I've posted pics of my ring before on Weddingbee, but here goes as a reminder.

I'm not sure if people realize that it's an engagement ring.  When my boss found out I was getting married, she said "Where's the ring?" I responded, "Um, here on my finger." Heehee.


  1. Wait there are risks to spay surgery? I don't want to know I guess. I guess I do. I dunno.

    Such a non traditionalist! I remember earlier on in your journey you didn't even want to have a ceremony... I hope you are glad that you did! I think it's a meaningful thing to stand up in front of all the people that brought you to where you are today and declare your intent. I'm very anti PDA and Mark is really shy, but I'm glad we both did that.

    Do you still wear your e ring or do you just wear your band?

  2. I'm so sad I didn't see your e ring in person because it's really gorgeous. I love that it's non-traditional, even if it's dangerous for pug eyes. And, I never knew the story of how you found it, love it.

  3. i love my e-ring but i often forget to put it back on as i'm rushing out the door (i take it off because i don't want to scratch the pugs' eyes), and i wear my band on my right hand because it's too big right now for my left hand. getting it resized has been on my to-do list for a long time.

  4. such a sweet precious ring. and thank goodness you didn't make kevin wear a matching pink sapphire ring -- that would have been awkward.