Sunday, May 2, 2010

Okay, I Was Wrong

Now that our guests were busily *not* reading the programs we made, onto the ceremony.

I've written about the fact that originally we did not want a ceremony.  I felt like no one would be interested in watching us stand up for 20 minutes blabbing about our commitment, but as I mentioned our no-ceremony idea to more people, I heard subtle hints like: "Stop. You should have a ceremony."  I was talked out of that resistance, and I have to say I am very happy that I surrendered. And yes, I was wrong. I WAS WRONG. Okay??!

The ceremony provided a meaning and focal point for the day, and set the celebratory yet deeply meaningful tone to the day.  Yes, this point is obvious to many--but in case anyone out there is feeling blase about the whole thing, take a lesson from me.

The music started, and our officiant and families walked down the aisle...

Kevin's family looks absolutely thrilled that we're getting married

Wait a second, is that...could it be? Yes! Pugs with sparkly lavender tulle flowers!

Uncooperative pug alert

Then it was our turn.  Before I even met Kevin, I had read the amazingly touching story of this couple.  Their willingness to follow their instinct to be together as opposed to hewing with tradition made me realize, way back when, that walking into the ceremony with my future husband would not only be incredibly special, but also make sense to me.  Of course, I wanted to make sure that my father was alright with this idea--his response was "Whatever you want, I'm okay with."

So Kevin and I made our entrance from the hill above the ceremony site...

And made our way to stand in front of our very good friend Kim, who did an amazing job as our officiant...

I love that she's giving us the finger in her attempt to hold onto our rings

And stated to each other the words that are so going to give me the grounds to say "Well you married me so what are you going to do about it now, huh?" from here to ETERNITY...

And we were wed.

I have to go back to one moment in the ceremony that really touched me.  My mom was to give a reading at the ceremony, and when she stood up to read, she turned the microphone around so that she could face us. Right before she started, she put her head down and we could hear the emotion caught in her throat even though she hadn't said a word.  The pause lasted only a moment, but even now it makes me tear just thinking about it.  She then proceeded to give a beautiful and touching reading...

I die. I just die.

And lest you think I didn't have my moment with my father because I cheated him out of walking down the aisle with me...

Any particular moments you are anticipating to be emotional?

Photos courtesy of CK Hwang/39 East Photography

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