Monday, May 17, 2010

Sign My Butt

There's a fuzzy line between joyously, tastefully celebrating yourselves as a couple at a wedding vs. unwarranted ego-centric narcissism.


And on which side falls a guestbook that is comprised solely of engagement photos of you and your loved one? Well, because this is what we did, I'm saying that it absolutely falls on the side of justified and tasteful.

Remember our Halloween-themed engagement photos?  I decided to put those bad boys to use by making an album of them for guests to sign.  So totally like a regular guestbook, except plastered with pictures of me and Kevin. 

The two popular places from which you can order your photobook are MyPublisher and Blurb.  Mrs. Ramen ordered from both companies and wrote a great, thorough comparison.  Overall, you can find great reviews (and some meh ones) about both, but with Mrs. Ramen's review and my own finely honed instincts, I went with My Publisher. 

Using MyPublisher was easy (although choosing the photos and template layouts was time-consuming because I had to exercise free will), and in about five days, we received this:

Here's a look inside:

My favorites of the bunch:

At the wedding, we set up the book on a table with pens and a sign (Word-designed and inkjet-printed) asking people to leave us a note.  I love the messages that people left for us, and nobody came up to my face and told me how narcissistic I am.  Our photographer, CK Hwang, captured the following photos of our guestbook in "action":

It was clear when people had had a cocktail before signing our guestbook.  One lengthy message began with congratulatory wishes and then devolved into berating me that I should give Kevin cheese more often and let him eat cheese as much as he wants because it makes him happy and isn't that what I want.

Wow, if that isn't advice to live by, I don't know what is.

Are you going to use a guestbook? If so, what kind?

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