Monday, May 24, 2010

Look Ma! I'm Made Out of Clay

An apology is in order. Amends must be made.

For most of our wedding planning, Kevin and I only had one pug:

The chubber above made it into my blog posts, the main picture of our website, and even our engagement photos.  See following evidence:

Photo by Ananda Lima

Then, a few months before the wedding, we got a second pug, who essentially got the shaft in terms of having any spotlight:


Sure she's come up here and there on my posts, but after all it's Miss "Pug", not Miss "Pug and then oh the second pug that happens to come along."

Poor squirt, all neglected.  Well, I made it up to her.  It all started with a squeal, when I discovered polymer clay cake toppers on Etsy:



So cute, right? I wavered back and forth whether to purchase a cake topper. Part of me said there's not much point and a waste of money.  The other part of me was like GET IT GET IT GET IT!

Then, when I realized that we could have both the chubber and squirt on the topper with us, it was game over.



I justified this purchase as being my wedding gift to Kevin, because getting a cake topper solely to make sure your second dog is included in the wedding is crazy talk, just crazy talk!!

I chose Lynn's Little Creations for my cake topper based on price and quality of work--I'm not saying it's totally cheap, but some of the other toppers cost above $150.  By the way, she books up a few months in advance, so plan ahead.

I sent her pictures of me and Kevin, my dress, hairstyle (from my hair/makeup trial), Kevin's suit, his shirt, and our two pugs.

And got this:

Squirt, you can't say mama doesn't love you.

Bonus: She gave me a bosom! How exciting.

Are you opting for a cake topper?

Last three photos courtesy of CK Hwang/39 East Photography

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  1. I LOVE that there's a little pug paw poking out in her sit position. SO realistic.