Friday, April 30, 2010

Wedding Elves and Programs

While we were having our paparazzi moment and I was pretending that Edward Cullen was watching us from the treetops, guests began to gather at the ceremony site.

Naturally, they would be poring over our ceremony programs, killing time before the big show began.  And where did these programs come from? The Pug wedding elves.  

Let me come clean and say that I did not physically make the paper goodies for our wedding.  I designed and typed them in Microsoft Word, but then promptly shipped the materials to my sister and brother-in-law (a.k.a. elves) out in California for assembly.

The Pug wedding elves swooped down on my wedding prep and with a wriggling of their magic fingers (and hours of hard work), they turned my ideas and blank paper into wedding reality. They were hands-down unbelievable and we absolutely would not have had the weekend that we did without their incredible help and generosity (with the paper products and far far beyond).

Personal photo

Cute, huh? They make the best team, and their loving, respectful marriage is an inspiration to me. So is their love for pugs.

I wanted to have programs because I think people appreciate knowing what's going to happen--i.e. how much more of this ceremony until I can start drinking and eating?  At least, that's why I like ceremony programs.

I didn't want to create anything complicated or fancy, and turned to Paper Presentation, my trusty friend.  They have a large selection of paper in all different colors and shapes--this last part was crucial, because I'm not cutting me no paper on my own.

For example, Paper Presentation has these nifty program booklet sets, which include a cover and insert:


When folded over, the programs would be a 4.75" square.  I bought the covers in Metallic Caramel cardstock and the inserts in Natural White. I designed and created the text in good ol' Microsoft Word.

And then guess what the Pug wedding elves did? You'll never guess.  They printed the ceremony text on the insert. Then my brother in law meticulously tied the inserts and covers together by looping gold grosgrain ribbon through the pre-punched holes. 

Personal photo

My bro in law ties such a good bow. 

The covers had our names and the date (printed on inkjet), and my sister Gocco'd and embossed an artichoke image that matched the invitations.  I had something that was embossed at my wedding! Me!! Get outta town!

The Pug wedding elves did a great job, huh? Because we did not have many guests, they did not have to make that many programs. Otherwise I would have been pissed--you know, on their behalf.

And here are some of the guests waiting with what I'm positive was breathless anticipation...

Wait a second, why are they NOT reading the programs? Ingrates.

As a guest, do you appreciate having a program?

Photos courtesy of CK Hwang/39 East Photography unless otherwise noted.

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  1. look how cute your guests are. I could just squeeze them all.