Thursday, May 6, 2010

Give Me My Bee's Knees Now, Please

Now that we said our vows, it was time to mingle, eat, drink, and celebrate with our loved ones!

I love a good cocktail hour. Love it love it love it.  A drink in one hand, a tasty morsel in the other, mingling, laughing, and the fun vibe of getting the evening started.  It was crucial to me not to miss the cocktail hour.  We did steal away for a few minutes with our photographer somewhere in there (honestly I can't remember exactly when), but otherwise we were present and in force for the festivities.

To start things off, immediately after the ceremony--and I mean immediately, as in, the servers were waiting with trays at the back of the ceremony--guests were greeted with our Bee's Knees cocktails...

Trays of beef tenderloin with horseradish cream on crostini...

Foie gras torchon on brioche with fruit compote...

And Dungeness crab fritters, miniature Beef Wellingtons, and Kalamata goat cheese tarts (no pics, SO SAD especially of the crab fritters because they were gooooood).

At one point my sister was looking for me because it seemed that I had disappeared, but then on a very good hunch she went to the bar and there I was. We didn't pay for no open bar for nothing, that's what I say.

Man I can't get over how cute and happy my parents look.  FYI my dad (pictured above) is a total ham. Hands-down he was the most popular person at the wedding. Nobody got away without some quality time with him.

Some others just felt like taking it easy...

But still not without a cocktail (heehee gotta love my 80+ year old uncle getting tipsy). 

Anybody else thirsty right now?  Who else enjoys a good cocktail hour?

All photos courtesy of CK Hwang/39 East Photography

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