Sunday, April 11, 2010

There's No Getting Away From Me Now, Buster

We're married now.

And to give a little taste of what married life is like...

Scene: Walking the dogs in Central Park

Me: So, does it feel any different being married now?
Mr. Pug: Hm. No.
Me: Yeah, me neither.
Mr. Pug: [putting his arm around me and smirking] Oh, honey, it feels *just* as not special as it did before.

The nerve.

The wedding was lovely, the honeymoon was great, but coming back sucked big time, due in no small part to me catching a really bad cold (or H1N1, I really don't know but it was disgusting).

A few days later, Mr. Pug fell ill with the same bug. Ha, sucka! You stuck with me now! My fever, sweatiness, and paralyzing body aches are now yours as well! We'll share *everything* from now on!!!

You were a busy, busy hive while I was gone! Can't wait to catch up on all these posts and share with you all the good wedding stuff. I have a ton of work to catch up on and have to get my pro pics, but I should be back in a few weeks with some recaps.

In the meantime, did you miss me? Did you??

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