Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm Magnanimous

Before I share pics from the wedding, I wanted to go back and share some details that I didn't get to blog about before the wedding. 

While out-of-town (OOT) guest bags are totally unnecessary, it's a nice surprise for guests to receive this little goodie bag of welcome treats. It's yet one more unnecessary wedding detail to which I was fully committed. Because I am Pug the Magnanimous.  Or because I was looking for ways to use up my time instead of doing real work.

Here's what I chose for the bags:
A little nod to our current city.  Kevin thinks they're gross, but what does he know.  These were great because they take up space--this was key, because I kinda ran out of ideas/energy to fill these OOT bag suckers to the brim.

A nod to the Bay Area. Kevin and I love See's chocolate, and the Krispys have convenient individual wrapping.  These are kind of pricey, so people only got 2 or 3 measly bits. 

My sister cooked up a massive batch of peanuts with Old Bay Seasoning (recipe was retooled by my sister to add tons more Old Bay), as a nod to my home state of Maryland.  I salivate at the thought of just dunking a finger in a tin of Old Bay and licking it. Hehe, not that I do that--I mean who does that? Gross, not me.

A nod to Pittsburgh.  Apparently Sarris Candies is a Pittsburgh institution--but I'm just relying on Kevin for that information. Have not checked my source.  Anyway, it was kind of like pitting Pittsburgh (ha!) Sarris against Bay Area See's. As with the See's, these were a little pricey so only one for you!  

We included granola for no particular reason except that granola is good to snack on and my sister makes a mean, mean chocolate granola.  She made about 5 other types before settling on this one. I love her.  

Do you like OOT bags? What have been some of your favorite items (either ones given or received)?

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