Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why He Loves Me

After the wedding, we took off for our honeymoon in Bali.  Our first stop was Jimbaran Bay, a beach resort area in the southwest of Bali.  The first night, we had the luxury of relaxing at the beachfront cafe/bar at our hotel in Jimbaran Bay, sipping a drink and watching the sunset.

In my post-wedding, jet-lagged state of amazement of actually being anywhere mentally and physically that didn't require planning a wedding, I found it necessary to comment on every little thing to fully revel in the ability to just think about and be in the present. 

Unfortunately the post-wedding brain had not yet caught up to normal functioning speed, and my chattiness had the unintended side consequence of demonstrating to Kevin serious gaps existing in my brain.

For example, I had the irrepressible urge to comment on the pretty lights shining from the north coast of Jimbaran Bay in the beautiful clear night.

sorry for blurriness--see lights in background

Me: Oh honey, look at how they light up those buildings, isn't that weird? It looks so nice!
Kevin: That's the airport.

I also found it imperative to comment on the little black birds that were playfully whizzing through the air by the trees near the cafe.

Me: Look at the birds! Aren't they cute? You don't see such happy birds in NYC.
Kevin: Um, those are bats.

Finally, after seeing such a glorious sunset of the west coast of Bali, I had a fantastic and romantic idea for the morning that I could just not stop myself from sharing with Kevin.

Me: Oooh, wouldn't it be so nice if we woke up really early and watched the sunrise from here?
[at this point, I think Kevin was feeling a little badly for his stupid wife]
Kevin: [pause] That would be a really nice idea honey. But, um...
Me: What, what? You don't like that idea? Why don't you like that idea? It's such a good idea.
Kevin: ...the sun rises in the east.

As in, you can't see the sun rise in the same place where you saw it set, stupid.

No matter. We all know he married me for my looks.

Any little brain oops you had around the wedding that you are conveniently blaming on wedding-brain as opposed to a general lack of IQ and common sense?

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  1. teehee! I chortled away as I read this post. my sister is SO CLEVER.