Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Enthusiasm is Overwhelming

I came across some pictures that were taken in the few days leading up to the wedding that, as a montage, I entitle, "No Really Honey, I'm So Excited to Marry You".

As I mentioned, we went to San Francisco City Hall the Thursday before the wedding.  It's a gorgeous building.

And where was the happy couple, taking that monumental step to become yet one step closer to wedded bliss?  We were swearing that their names on the license were correct, and looking ever so thrilled about it.

After arriving at the hotel the day before the wedding, we had our rehearsal. How exciting, right? We get to walk in the steps that we will take the next day in a solemn ceremony before our loved ones!

Then very importantly, we had to have our walk-through and sit-down with the site coordinator, Lesli, to go over final details.

Ah, the anticipation of it all.  Anyone else a victim of less than ideal photos with your spouse-to-be?

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