Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On Top of Ol' Smooookeeeeyyy,...

Oh puuuuh-uggs! Where are you my little ones? 

Are you in your usual spot, stuffed in the corner of the couch, the couch we always have to cover with a fugly blanket because of your prolific shedding? 

Not there.  Mr. Santa will not give up the location of the pugs. Mr. Turkey stays face down, uncooperative as usual.

Or perhaps you are in daddy's favorite chair, where you can scratch up the leather?

Hm, I guess not. 

Now I *suppose* you could, horrors, be in your beds, though I highly doubt that.  Still, I will check.

Should I being to panic? Wherever could you be hiding in out 500 sq ft apartment (there, I admitted it--go ahead and feel sorry for me and my booger-sized apartment)?  I will take one last look at the couch, just in case I missed anything.

Wait a minute, do I see two furry potatoes yonder there in the corner? 

Why yes, the pugs have found a new nesting place.  Perched on top of the couch cushions.

I believe Bunni began this habit, and Rikki probably joined her (sitting on Bunni in the process) because she is a dominant little monster.

No Rikki, momma's not giving you any treats. You can go back to bed.

Maybe I should suture their heads together.


  1. Jellyby loves that spot on the couch. She can see out the windows from atop the cushions and bark at everything that goes by.

    Every time I read your posts on the pugs, though, I wish she could have a dog sibling.

  2. Omg- in the first picture, they totally look like a two-headed pug. A very cute two-headed pug.

  3. Ahhh! So freakin adorable. I agree, the first picture of the two of them looked very much like they were joined at the shoulder!! Love it. All our cats have a favorite spot on top of a particular couch cushion, so the cushions are always smushed flat and weird from all three of them piling on top. Who knew it was such a comfortable spot!?

  4. hot cocoa: yes, i'm beginning to think there's a penchant for dogs and the top of the couch. and you should totally get a dog sibling!

    f_train girl and notesfromthebench: i know, it was too adorable they way they were both smooshed together like that.

  5. Your living space resembles mine far too much. Why do we give over our human areas to such adorable animals? I guess they're worth it (and, thank you NOT for getting on top of ole' smoky in my head now. boo hiss)

  6. Aww, like everyone else said, they look like one being in that picture! It's adorable! And, I love how Rikki is looking at you in the one where she's sitting on top of Bunni. So cute!! I know that's a "are you going to give me a treat" look.


  8. I just made that 2-headed pug pic my desktop background.

  9. Perri loves that spot on the couch too, it's her go-to! The two-headed pug photo is hilarious.

  10. aw cuties. I love the 2 headed pug look.

  11. Oh my goodness, they look like TweedleDee & Tweedle Dum or some sort of Alice-in-Wonderland creature. So funny.

  12. They love each other don't they? Precious pups.

  13. seriously looked like 1 body with 2 heads. freaking adorable!

  14. Ugh - that is our cat's favorite spot. That, and our kitchen table - GROSS! Blue couches + white cat = ANGRY Katie. And then of course every time the dogs see her there, they jump up after her - it matters not whether hubby and I are sitting on the couch, they'll jump right on top of us. *sigh*

  15. kate: we have to think of artificially highbrow ways to describe our decor aesthetic. and yes, the dogs own everything in the apt.

    mintedlife: yes, it's an oft-used look by little rikki. i'm sure you're familiar with it from molly and belle!

    sashacleo: bunni and rikki thank you for the publicity. they are on their way to stardom.

    runrgurl10: maybe we can smush all *three* dogs on top of the couch!

    lobster: can't get enough of our pooches, can we?

    sassandpancakes: you're so right--tweedle dee and dum! love it!

    cathleya: i know, they totally do. it was a very delicate procedure to pull them apart (i.e. i basically wave a treat in their faces)

    jessica: i hope they love each other. they better.

    nellie: i know, now that i look at it, it's a little weird, huh? but still cute! in a weird way.

  16. maylove: haha, i guess cats are much more adept at getting everywhere!

  17. They are so well camouflaged on your couch! I would totally use them as a neck pillow. I'm sure they would LOVE that!

  18. My parents Westie, Barney, LOVES that spot on the sofa too. For his it's the best view of the backyard.
    I LOL'd at that first picture, they look like siamese twins!