Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pre Thanksgiving


Oh my Monday, it is hard to get back in the swings after a holiday, isn't it? I mean, not only in terms of the daily rat race, but also, to a certain extent, the internet, eh? It's almost intimidating checking your blog reader, isn't it? But you don't want to miss anything, do you? But then again, it just all comes at you like a relentless mudslide and the posts, board chats, emails, etc. sludgily roll right over your face.  So here I am to add to it all.

In the interest of mercy, I will give a quick rundown. But I'm also a liar, so believe what you will.


Before the actual holiday hit, we had some folks over for a potluck.

And I decided to decorate.

With glittery autumn leaves that insisted on falling down no matter how much painter's tape I attached.

I know, my artistic skills blow me away.  

So I relied on someone else, and strung up a Thanksgiving banner.

A few folks, including my *mom*, actually asked me if I made the above. The answer would be no (I mean, does she even know me).

No one asked me if I made the below. Because they clearly came from a corner bodega. I highly recommend them.

I did, however, make a littler favor table.  With boxes and ribbon from Paper Presentation, oh so lovely Reeses' butter cups and other random assorted candies from the local drugstore, and cute little favor tags from Etsy.

Yes. I *folded* pre-made boxes and *tied* ribbons.  Take a moment.

Then I decided to shift things around due to lack of other level, raised surfaces in the apartment, in order to accommodate the pumpkin pie and cranberry apple crisp desserts.

I also decorated the dining table.

I went a little crazy with these cool pine cones.  And candles from Pottery Barn (there's a sale).


paper plates.  But if you know anything about me, you know that there's a good reason for this. Of which I am not ashamed. At all. Maybe a little. But not really. Yes. No. Maybe so. Yes, maybe so. But not enough to change my ways.

As I said, it was a potluck. Much food went unphotographed, because I have not yet taken the step to hire someone to photograph pics of the food.


Portobella mushroom caps with rice, lentil, and tomato stuffing!

 Subpar acorn squash with cranberry stuffing! (I'm not a jerk, this was my dish)


 And Kevin.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. What a pretty potluck! Love the table set up! Food looks delish

  2. I'm sorry I got stuck at Thanksgiving did what?!
    It looks amazing :)

  3. Aww, what a great thanksgiving!! I love that it was potluck! AND, I love that you gave out favors. You are such a great host.


    for the record, I never did any such thing as to suggest that you made that banner-thingy. altho your martha-ness is reaching legendary proportions.

  5. Dude, my potlucks don't look anything like that - foodwise. The peeps around here always bring pre-made stuff but I want portobella mushroom caps and acorn squash!

    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving, back to work now - BAH HUMBUG. :(

  6. I love your decorations! So festive. All that food looked delicious. I agree with Jessica, I never get anything that good at any of the potlucks I attend! :(

  7. You put my decorating skills (or lack thereof) to shame! To SHAME, I tell you!

  8. lobster: thanks! this is about as martha stewart as i get.

    kate and mintedlife: i'm totally into the favor thing now! they're so cute!

    sashacleo: "legendary" might be taking it too far, but thank you!

    jessica: i know, usually potlucks consist of a lot of premade food--guess everyone was in a holiday cooking mood!

    nellie: i'm trying to get into the holiday spirit this year--can you tell?

    bigapplenosh: oh please, i've seen what you can do. i was at your wedding, remember?