Friday, November 5, 2010


I didn't blog much this week, so to try and make up for it I'm treating you all (all 3 of you) to two, count 'em, TWO, posts today.  Aren't you tickled Friday.

My Halloween post made me think about two things: (1) I need to be better about remembering to take pictures; and (2) I need to improve my photography skills.
As one of my friends so subtly put it, "Maybe you should get a better camera and take a photography class so you can have better pictures on your blog."  When I looked at her like she insulted me personally (though it was justified), she tried to save her sorry ass by saying "It'll be good for your blog!!"

So I have a Canon point and shoot right now.  I like it, and have started to futz with the settings to take better pictures in my ill-lighted apartment.  Although you can see this is a very slow learning curve, the apex of which I may never reach.

More and more people are getting those wonderful SLR cameras, but I seriously hesitate--I think such a camera would be wasted on me.  Too many buttons and settings and who knows what else.  I have a low tolerance for learning new things. Plus, I highly doubt I will be willing to tote around an SLR.  Or is it DSLR.  See, I'm totally unworthy of having one of them. 

However, there is an in-between--cameras that have more capability than your regular point and shoots, but not as bulky or complicated as an SLR.  Like this one:

As you can see, it ain't cheap.  There are others, such as the Canon SX30 IS ($429.99), Canon SX20 IS ($399.99), Canon SX130 IS ($249.99), and the Canon SX120 IS ($229.99).

Frankly, I have no idea how to compare them and how to go about choosing, which is perhaps an indicator that I'm not ready for this kind of upgrade.  

How about you other bloggers? Did you upgrade your camera for blogging purposes? Take a photography class?  Do you think I could just get by with my current camera if I just improved my skills?


  1. I have a Canon Rebel XT that I bought before our honeymoon for the sole purpose of taking pictures. I never really played with it before I left and learned on the trip that I really disliked the bulk and weight, but I liked the manual settings. I've had it for about 2 years now and as of this summer it's a little broken. :( So I've really stopped using it. I never take it anywhere because it's so heavy.

    I just got a Canon G12 that I just love! It's a nice compromise in weight and it has a lot of manual settings. I like the knobs on top which allow for quicker adjustments than on my point and shoot's scrolling menus.

    Disclaimer: I'm also a very crappy photographer so I should just stick with my point and shoot Cannon Powershot that has been just fine all these years.

  2. I find that I am torn between encouraging you to further flex your credit card, and admonishing you to start saving up for my christmas gift.

  3. i have a point and shoot, with no desire/budget for a more complicated one, especially since dslrs tend to be big/heavy/not meant for purse travel. my parents are camera nerds though and just bought a new nikon d7000, which they absolutely love.

    I don't see anything wrong with your photos, so if you don't decide to upgrade it's okay!

  4. I TOTALLY feel the same exact way! I would love to have the pretty, pretty pictures I see in many blogs, but I am not sure if I want to spend money on something that I really will want to learn how to use. point and shoot has SLR-like capabilities but not the ones you've described in the post. We'll see. Let us know what you decide.

  5. I think I have that camera you featured but I don't know. HAHA. You can ask my sisters b/c I made them buy me one for their wedding gift to me. I love it (whatever it is)...

  6. I'm not a big fancy camera person, and I think the photo's on your website are lovely. So if you're okay with them, and your viewers are okay with them (which from the comments section, seems like we are), I say go with what ya have and are comfortable with. Maybe take a photography class for fun IF YOU'RE interested in it. :D

  7. nellie: thanks for the insight. i think, when i feel accomplished enough, i may upgrade to a g12 or something comparable. for now, i think i have to learn what ISO stands for. heehee.

    penga and kelly: thanks you two! since i wrote this post, i'm definitely leaning towards just sticking with the point and shoot, and getting better at using it.

    terri: i'm with you. i think i'll stick with the point and shoot for now, but who knows, maybe one day...

    lobster: it was really seeing your camera and resparked this debate in my head--yours is so portable and seems like a very good camera. the pics on your blog are so great! which of course means that you know how to use it well.

  8. Late to weigh in, and not to encourage you to go out and spend $$$ ... but IF you ever decide to upgrade, I recommend looking into the "micro 4/3" cameras. They are fancy like a DSLR but small enough to throw into your purse. We love our Olympus EP-1, and Mrs Perfume (Creature Gorgeous) seems equally smitten with her Panasonic Lumix. Always have to chime in and suggest them whenever this question comes up!

  9. twowishestara: thanks for the advice! so great to know.