Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This'll Cheer Me Up

Nothing like purposeless, random shots of the pugs to inject a little happy zing into my post-holiday languor.

NYC has hit by a blizzard.  I was so excited to some coats on the pugs and head out on our merry way, to frolic for hours in the fresh-fallen snow. I love watching dogs playfully romp in the snow, with glee on their little faces. Oh the fun we would have! The pictures I would take! The blissful exhaustion of happy pugs that would follow!

I'm not sure if those are looks of anticipation or fear. 

Sitting down before we even get outside. Not a good sign.

This is a shot of our street.

We venture.  That suspiciously looks like Bunni trying to turn back and head home.

Eventually Kevin takes the lead to forge a path through the deep snow.

We pause to allow the pugs to take in the splendor of it all, before the festive frolicking begins.

This was about as frolicky as Rikki got.

I had higher hopes for Bunni, due to memories of past years and snow-frolicking. There has to be frolicking, dammit.

After words of encouragement which degenerated into commands to "Frolic! Right now you ingrate!", Bunni seems to think this gig is up.

Yeah, it's time to go home.


  1. Awwwwww, hahaha, Perri hated the snow too! I keep hearing about other people's dogs chasing snowflakes and having a ball playing in the snow but apparently, we have warm weather dogs...On the positive side, I love Bunni's shearling coat!
    Also, I sincerely hope the UWS has been plowed out since these photos were taken bc we're driving back tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to parking!

  2. So cute (despite their apparent apathy about the whole affair) - the snow on your street looks so pristine!

  3. Was wondering how you guys were doing with the big storm! Glad to see you're alive and kickin! I can't imagine that much snow being dumped at once!!!

  4. runnerslife: no worries the pics are from monday morning, and the streets are pretty clear now!

    bigapplenosh: yeah, it looked pristine for about 1 hour before all the muck started to build up.

    cathleya: i'm not sure "alive and kickin'" really describes our pugs, but we're doing alright.

  5. Aww, look at Bunni with her shearling coat!! I don't know how our dogs would handle that much snow, and sadly I don't think we'll ever get to see it!

  6. Wow, y'all really did get hit hard! I had no idea you got that much snow.

    Yeah, Bodie frolicks for about ten minutes and then gets winded. But he's now jealous of the pug's jackets. He totally needs one.

  7. what cute, posh little coats! they look super-chic, even if they're being profoundly anti-snow. perhaps if you were to protect their tender little footsies with some bootsies, like a reasonable pug-mama.

  8. Oh, I love those coats! They look like they're part of a medieval court.

  9. Cutie pugs! They look like they are being tortured, such mean parents. I especially love that last photo!

  10. minted, jessica, sashacleo, ftraingirl: the coats are darling, aren't they?

    lobster: we are not mean.