Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Do you make new year's resolutions? It seems like a fun thing to do, but I'm a noncommittal person, so these things are generally not for me.  However, in the interest of killing some time at work, why not.

In honor of 2011, I present to you a list of 20 resolutions, 11 of which I will not do. 

I "resolve" to:

1. Join a gym 
Will I or won't I? Hahaha no. I used to belong to a gym, for a very long time. I was a faithful gym-goer.  Then I met Kevin and we got lazy and mushy together.  And these days I'd rather spend my evenings cooking, blogging, and hanging out with the pugs.  I used to do yoga at home with DVDs, which is something that I could resolve to to again, but that would be too much commitment.
2.  Get a third pug
Will I or won't I?  Sadly, seeing as how this decision should be one of those "family decisions", and Kevin is a mean mean man, I will not be doing this.

3.  Take a photography class
Will I or won't I? Eep. I think I will. Before you get all excited (because I know you were), I mean something very basic to improve my point and shoot camera skills and learn more about the functions of my camera.  I'm not ready for DSLR.

4.  Take a tap dance class
Will I or won't I? I want to, but we'll see.

5.  Go to bed by midnight
Will I or won't I? Oh lawd yes, please let this be a huge honkin' yes.
6.  Wake up before 8am
Will I or won't I? The opposite of above.

7.  Watch less TV
Will I or won't I? Why would I resolve to do this? My TV-watching makes me a better human being.

8.  Go to the Brooklyn Flea Market
Will I or won't I? Hell yes. Just after it gets warmer. But not too warm. Basically during that two-week period in June and again in October when things are juuuust right.

9.  Venture from our neighborhood more for dinner
Will I or won't I? I see so many folks trying all these great restaurants.  Kevin and I used to eat out more at new, fun places, but then he started working 14 hours/day and we basically lost resolve to go further than a 4-block radius from our apartment. I will avoid saying whether or not we will do this.

Well shit, this is tiring. That's enough.

What are your resolutions?

Hope everyone rings in the new year with style, whether that be with fancy dresses and cocktails, or a mug of hot cocoa and warm jammies.


  1. You better come to the Brooklyn Flea! :) Sadly, at least for me anyway, they are moving their summer location to Williamsburg, which is actually a pain for me to get to (and I LIVE in Brooklyn), but let me know when you want to go. Also we have a BBQ date that is still up in the air. :)

    Happy New Year, my darling!

  2. Happy New Year! Your list looks amazingly like my "list" which I never make because let's face it, I don't need to feel bad about myself on January 31st when I haven't started anything on that list.

  3. I love your list of "20." :) I'm with you though, this stuff is hard, and I never stick with it. But, the one thing I will do is take a photography class. I already started looking for some!

  4. My Kevin and I got all mushy and lazy together too. It sucks. Being married made me lose my mojo. I have a gym membership but I only go to walk while watching movies.

    I'm pro DSLR. I have one but have no idea how to use it... so if you got one, you could teach me. :D

  5. #10. Go to Baltimore and hang out with a guinea pig.
    Happy New Year! :)

  6. Hurrah for Brooklyn Flea!! I know some people who would be happy to join you on that expedition. :) Happy new year!!

  7. You've GOT to do the tap lessons!

  8. terri and ftraingirl: you two can be my brooklyn flea tourguides!

    lobster: i know, why strain oneself?

    minted: i'm excited for your photography class! goes along so well with your christmas gift.

    notes: how could i have forgotten? yes, put that on the list!

    sashacleo: me too.

    bigapple: don't hold me to it!

  9. I'm a little late to this resolving party but OMG let's please do tap together! I tapped for about 15 years and haven't done it recently miss it all the time - some puggy quality time might convince me to go back!