Friday, December 10, 2010

Found It

Here's a story about a dumb and hungry pug.

Kevin bought me a little knit coin purse in the shape of a pug's head, that had a little blue pom-pom hanging from it.  For reasons that will become clear, I don't have the actual pom-pom to show you, but it was just a little one, like one of these:

I excitedly showed the coin purse to the pugs by dangling it front of their faces.  They clearly thought it was a toy (I pretty much enabled that), a belief that Rikki demonstrated by promptly opening her gaping jaws like a mammoth grouper, raising herself up on her hind legs, and snapping her fat lips shut over the defenseless pom-pom.

Luckily, since she's toothless, she didn't have such a good grip on the pom pom and I was able to pull it out of her mouth with ease.

And then I got a little absent-minded and forgot where I put the coin purse.  The next time I saw it, it was in Bunni's mouth as she was trotting around the apartment.  Apparently first impressions die hard.  I took it out of her mouth, and noticed it felt a little...crusty, like someone (somepug to be more exact) had been chewing on it all day.

I also noticed that there was no pom-pom. The pom-pom, string--it was all gone.

Of course I go into a mild panic thinking about intestinal blockage, x-rays, surgery and soaring vet bills.  Instead of rushing to the vet, I decided we'd keep a close watch on both pugs to make sure that they exhibited no signs of distress in their eating or pooping habits.  I thought perhaps that our housekeeper had maybe seen the pugs with the coin purse and removed the pom-pom herself.  Of course I could have called her and asked, but that would make too much sense.

Luckily, the pugs seemed fine and their digestive systems normally functioning.  They were pooping like champs for 5 days and counting. Phew.

Yesterday, Kevin took the dogs for their daily morning walk.  I managed to sleep through them returning from the walk, Kevin putting the dogs back in bed, Kevin getting ready for work, and leaving for work. I can be a heavy sleeper.

Anyway so Kevin calls me later and says "I found the pom-pom." Oh where oh where?  "Rikki pooped it out." 

So she had been hoarding it.  Little runt.

Just look at her (on the left), playing all innocent and unaware of her transgression.


  1. teehehehehe. she wanted to savor the pom. mmm.

  2. Our beagle ate one of my 1/2 carat diamond stud earrings. Though hubby was a trooper and more than willing to sort through poop to look for it, I refused the offer. Sorting through poop for several days wasn't worth the cost of a new pair of earrings, and really even if we had found it I don't think I'd have wanted to wear it again anyway. :(

  3. oh, little rikki. if your mama fed you more sausage on a regular basis, you and your sister wouldn't have to resort to such antics.

  4. haha! but..pom poms! they are so tasty! :P

  5. HAHA. Oh no!! At least you know it's not stuck. :)

  6. That look says "What pompom Mom? Iz not here"
    Yeah, because it's in yo poop.

  7. lobster and penga: yeah, she was weird taste buds.

    maylove: oh no! yeah, i can see why a new pair of earrings would be in order!

    alice and mintedlife: the pugs do get an awful lot of laughs. even when they're not really doing anything.

    sashacleo: i do feed her. i don't like your accusation.

    jessica: haha! you took the words out of her mouth.