Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And the Craft Gene Goes To...

My sister has much more skills than I do when it comes to crafting things.  For example, while I love baking, I'm lazy. One bowl brownies over layer cake? Done. Drop cookies as opposed to cutouts? Done.

My sister, on the other hand, has taken a cake decorating class, now makes all her own stationery, sews sweaters for the pugs, etc.  Here's an example of her handiwork.

And yes, it has a drawstring collar.  This craftiness has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages?  More goodies for me.  Someone who will use the Gocco after the wedding and make it worth the money. Etc.

The disadvantages?  I post about the ridiculous lengths to which Martha Stewart & Co. go to create wedding cookie favors that I wouldn't even mentally touch with a 10-foot pole, clearly mocking the trouble it would take to make fancy confectionery favors.

My sister, in a bizarre instance of completely missing the point, takes the post a sign that there is absolutely no way she could possibly live with herself without trying the most complicated creation among the bunch.

Remember this?

I practically snorted at how this was too much for me, considering my skills. But oh no, not for my sister (and for probably quite a few of you out there). A mere minute after the post went up, she emails me: "Those wedding cakes are adorable! We can totally do them!"

Aaarrgghh. The word "we" in the "can totally do them" sentence did not go over well.  We had an email spat where I told her how off the wall she was, but she refused to budge.  Finally, she pointed out, if she wants to do them (and is actually excited about them), then who am I to complain? She's right--I'd *love* to have those (and not have slaved over them)! Bake away, sister!

Anyone have someone take charge of a project in your wedding that you would not have done on your own?


  1. well, hopefully they actually end up looking like wedding cookie towers instead of towers of pisa.

  2. LOVE and LOVE. <3 the cookie cakes and LOVEEEEEEEEE the pug in its sweaterrrrrrrr!