Monday, January 18, 2010

This Is How We Do It

I have made a few jokes here and there about Kevin's non-involvement in the wedding planning process.  Here's an example:

The product of me furiously stamping and hand-addressing one afternoon--a cascade of pretty envelopes, just waiting to be stuffed!  Contrast with:

The image I saw when I turned around to show Kevin my handiwork.

Basically, we're not one of those couples whose planning relationship allows me to say:

"It was so great to have a groom who was interested in the wedding, it made us grow closer" or

"It was truly a collaborative effort, and so special--next, we get to work on our family!" or

"He really wanted to have a [insert great idea] for the wedding, so he researched and came up with [insert plan], and then he went to the [garage/work room/studio/what have you], and created this great [wedding item] with [materials bought from Home Depot] and a [power tool]!"

Sigh.  It sounds like I'm making fun of these sentiments, but if anything I'm a wee bit jealous.  These are awesome sentiments (my hats off to those couples and those crafty grooms!), but since it's not going to happen in this household, our Miss Pug-driven wedding actually works for me just fine.  How exactly does that play out? I'll give you some examples next time.

What kind of working relationship do you have with your spouse-to-be?

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  1. Oh, I think you guys' system is perfect. esp since it keeps kevin away from the power tools.