Monday, December 21, 2009

Well I Guess that Answers the Question

Who watches Say Yes to the Dress on TLC? 
(funny enough, I found this image by typing in "asian girl raising hand" in google)

If I had 50 hands, I'd raise them all.  But let's back up a second.

You know that whole thing about not letting the groom see you in the dress before the wedding? When I first started wedding planning, I decided this was a silly rule and that I would let Kevin see the dress.  Maybe I wouldn't shove it in his face and try it on for him, but I wouldn't make any effort to hide it, either.

Then as time passed, I thought wouldn't it be nice if it were a big surprise?  Wouldn't it be kinda cool to see the expression on his face as he saw me for the first time in full regalia, with admiration, love and amazement in his eyes?  I would just DAZZLE the bejeebs outta him.

Source (somewhat of the effect I would be looking to have on him--although not quite as mopey)

But then again, meh. I don't know.  I was on the fence.

Then one day, Kevin and I were sitting on the couch and Say Yes to the Dress was on (I was watching, he was surfing the internet).  And this bride was wearing a dress that looked *awfully* like mine, and I said to Kevin "Huh, I think that's my dress", and Kevin looked up from his computer.  The camera switched to another bride, and I watched impatiently to see when they would cruise back to "my" dress.  Then they flashed the screen showing the dress and the designer.  We have a winner! It was my dress.  

Source (This is not me, the bust area is a big giveaway--I wish!.  I promise to have pics of me in my dress when I go in for my fitting)

Kevin went back to surfing the internet.

Well, gee whiz--*thanks* TLC! I guess you answered my question!

I wasn't upset, but more stunned that *someone else* was wearing *my* dress on TV. How dare she.  Later that day, I asked Kevin if he was upset about seeing my dress. He sighed, rolled his eyes, and said "I don't even remember what the dress looks like." Keeper.

And you know, I don't think Kevin will even remember what my dress looks like after he sees me in it at the wedding.  It's just not on his radar.  And that's okay with me--I know he's going to think of me as a beautiful bride and that's what matters.  Furthermore, let's be honest, I got the dress for ME! Mememememememe. Not for him.

Did you let your future hubby see the dress before the wedding? Why or why not?

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  1. Zut alors! How DARE they sell your dress to someone else??!