Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How Cute Can a Cookie Be?

Pretty damn cute, as far as I've seen.  We want to do edible favors so that people would be more likely to take/eat them--plus my sister and I wanted to do something a little homemade for the wedding.  We've decided on little lavender and lime shortbread cookies that we are going to stack in cellophane bags, and tie up with a ribbon.  Cute, huh?

Well, I did have what I thought was a cute idea until, in what seems to be a constant rule whenever I click on over to, Martha Stewart and her minions showed me what "cute" really looks like. To compensate for my feelings of lameness, I darted some feisty commentary back at the screen.  That'll show her!

(First off, I'm not icing cookies with letters on them. I am also NOT twisting and tying TWO ends of cellophane when one end will do)

(So I just have to buy little $5 boxes, line them with edge-punched tissue, make around 12 cookies per person, and tie each box with string? So easy!!!!)

(Hmm, if *only* I can get our cookies to be lopsided *just so*)

(This is actually more what I was thinking in terms of the actual cookie bags, but mine will just be slapped down on a table, no tiers involved)

(Um, no)

Fine Martha minions, you win (if any of you take up these cute packaging ideas I salute you! I'm just too lazy to do that kind of thing).

Anyway, speaking of favors, I also decided that it would be efficient to have the cookies double as escort cards by attaching tags with people's names and the table number.  Here are some examples of edible escort cards.


If this all works out, hopefully I will be showing you pictures of the final product after the wedding.

What were your escort cards like? Would you eat lavender and lime shortbread cookies? (Hint: the correct answer is "Yes!!!")


  1. ohh those ferrero rocher (sp??) escort cards look realllly cute (and it would be pretty easy to do)! And I would definitely eat shortbread cookies..mmm.

  2. YES!! and considering people will be ripping into those to eat anyway, it seems a waste to spend all that effort on packaging. altho, those boxes *are* very cute...