Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gimme My TV

Wow, enough time has passed since I last blogged that I couldn't remember how to create a new post in blogger. It wasn't instinctive, the way it used to be. Soooo looong agooo....

I've been laying low since spring because:
(1) I moved to the DC metro area;
(2) No really, it was just me, not Kevin;
(3) I'm not creative enough to blog about anything that didn't involve me blurting out that I had moved; and
(4) I couldn't blog about moving because of work issues (i.e. Kevin looking for a job).

So there you have it. Oh, there were other reasons, like that I was living in temporary quarters (thanks mom and dad!) and wasn't cooking (thanks mom and dad!).  Seems like I'm not the only making a big transition around here--in the meantime, you people got pregnant and made big moves of your own!

But now I'm back. To let you know. That I can really break it down.

Who remembers that? Who knows where that's from? Here's a hint: the next line, apropos, is Do you LOOOOVE me?

Caveat: when I said I'm "back", I mean sans camera. Which leads me to:

Mina electronics update #1: I am now one of those people who has had her camera fritz out. Now, I suppose that sort of thing will happen when you get a camera, get lazy about buying a case for it, blog for over 1 1/2 years with it, don't bother to wash your hands before taking pictures of your cooking with it, take it to Bali, London, Alaska, the Ukraine (that was Kevin), and every place in between, but it was still a blow.

We are going to get another point and shoot. I've decided against the DSLR.  It's just too much camera for my addled brain. I need something simple. Something that still has access to manual settings, ones that I don't really understand, but exist nonethelss.

Mina electronics update #2: this update assumes that you know a predicate, which is that Kevin and I both now have jobs in DC and have moved into an apartment. Wheee! Moving on. We didn't have cable the first week.  I'd love to say that we realized the benefits of living a TV-free life and that it made us appreciate each other more and we started crafting together and scripting puppet shows, but that didn't happen. We missed our TV. I mean, we survived fine and in certain ways it was nice, but I think it was tolerable because we knew the deprivation was temporary and we compensated by watching DVDs.

So we have been busy unpacking, buying furniture, buying a car, exploring our new town, unpacking, making plans to explore the area, and unpacking.  I hope to share some of these new adventures with you and to get back on the cooking wagon!

Oh, and Halloween is coming up. You know I love Halloween. So so much. I'm so excited for all.

And in case you were wondering, the pugs are as they always are--lazy and adorable.


  1. Wow! Congrats on the move! Glad to hear that you've been keeping busy and successfully adjusting to your new life in DC!

  2. !!!!! Do you know what is close to DC? BALTIMORE!! More importantly: ME in Baltimore! Geesh I'm bossy. Glad you all have settled in, let's get together!

  3. Ahh!!! You moved closer to me. I'm selfishly excited. :D

    So many changes going on in the blog world!

  4. thanks for the warm wishes, everyone!

    megan--YES i so want to get together!
    jessica--that goes for you, too!

  5. Glad you're back!!

  6. Sad that you've left NYC, but glad that you and Kevin are in the same place. Missed you!

  7. ... nowwww that IIII can dance... WATCH ME NOW!!

    that sucks re: your camera. how are you going to document the pugs'e very sleeping position?

  8. I missed you and the puggies! Congrats on all the big changes, and best of luck with finding a new camera you love! My husband and I went crazy that first week without cable too (mostly me). I spent a good deal of time coddling the cable box once it was installed.

  9. Congratulations on the big move! :)

  10. I missed you (and the pugs)!! I couldn't wait for you to come back!! But congrats on the big move and hope that you're getting settled now. I look forward to more yummy recipes.

  11. Wow, so many changes! Congrats on the big move and new jobs, I've missed your blogging. So glad to hear the pugs made the transition fine too, and are back to their lazy tricks.

    Also, "scripting puppet shows" made me LOL!

  12. i missed you all, too!

    terri: leaving dc was definitely hard, and i miss it. trying not to dwell.

  13. we need more pug pics. you are being negligent.

  14. congratulations and glad to see you back!