Friday, October 22, 2010

Non Exciting to Exciting

I made a tofu stir fry some time ago that was fantastically boring and decidedly meh.  I get so annoyed when that happens. Like, really annoyed.  Here's the pictorial rundown, simply because I went through the effort of taking the pictures. I'm sorry, you will have to suffer through them.

It was Looks pretty good, but was not.

However, the next day I got an exciting delivery from Etsy.

First, the packaging (although not truly *first* in sequence, as it's clear I opened the box and then remembered to take pictures).

Isn't it cute? The seller turned a USPS priority mail box inside out, and decorated the outside.

When I opened the box, I saw this (okay not really because there were some styro peanuts in there, but I wasn't about to grab them out of the trash and reinsert them into the box when I remembered to take pictures):

Ooh look it's a blue paper package, tied up with string! This is definitely turning out to be one of my favorite things!

Cute little tag. I should have had these at my wedding.

I carefully peel back the tissue, to reveal...

Ta-Da! I lovey me this Day of the Dead skull.

oops, forgot to rotate. lazy am i.

Isn't it beautiful? I just love it so much. Lupe Flores has many other hand-painted skulls, prints and goth dolls that make you grin. I'm refraining from buying another one. At least at this time.  

I'm very happy to have this skull as part of our Halloween decorations.  Can't wait to show you how everything else plays out!


  1. woohoo! your dead skull is so pretty. I love all the extra details Lupe added to the packaging!

  2. Whoa, that's a really cool skull! I also love imagining the look on your postman's face when he delivered a box to you with a skull drawn on the outside :D p.s. It's all your fault: I now own those Jack Skellington earrings. They're pretty awesome.

  3. Ooooh you got one! I love it.
    And I'm sorry my friend, I will pass on your tofu recipe. I love you, not tofu. :( Don't be mad at me?

  4. what??! tofu has nothing to do with gaily painted skulls. a bait-and-switch, if you will, altho one could argue that skulls are a much more attractive conversation piece than non-pork. however, I will overlook the obvious non-sequitur and applaud your continuing efforts to fatigue your credit card.

  5. WOW! that skull really is pretty sweet. how fun!

  6. That's awesome!! When you come visit me in Texas (because you're going to, right?), I know lots of places we can get things like this. :)

  7. that is a pretty skull. and i like that special delivery tag. it's cute with just a touch of ominous!

  8. Love it. Now I kind of want one!