Friday, October 15, 2010

Kansas City, Part III

In my last post on our fun Kansas City trip, I'll give you a glimpse into some of the other things that we did besides eat and drink--which meant there wasn't a lot of time for these other things, but boy were they fun.

In a "crazy pug owner" type of way.  There were a few stores in Kansas City that made me think it could also be nicknamed "Where the Obsessed Pug Owners Come to Play".

First up, there was an all-things-dog store in the complex connected to our hotel.  Naturally, we honed in on every pug product, and took pictures. Won't this be fun for everyone.

The pugs do like to hang out in the kitchen...

A herd of pugs, just a herd of roly poly pugs.

Pugs at attention.  A rare occurrence to see, indeed, considering they sleep a good 18 hours per day.

Oh my goodness look at those big floppy cheeks.

I thought this one looked a lot like Rikki. I also thought I heard it say "Please take me home mommy" but Kevin insisted otherwise.

It wasn't just pugs.  Oh my gosh I just noticed the Chow on the bottom shelf. I love Chows and their funny black tongues. And loads of wrinkles.  It's all about the wrinkles.  Martha Stewart likes Chows, which I can't decide is a good or bad thing.

Who doesn't need a pug ornament? Especially one that makes a pug look like Jabba the Hut, as demonstrated on the left.

What I loved is that this store had plenty of both fawn and black pug wares.

I bought 4 of these. I'm kidding. I'm just trying to document the massive quantities of pug product.

Look! A pug as Crazy Satan!

You will be happy to hear that I did not buy ANYTHING at the store. I refrained. I held back. I think the pug doormat is probably enough, don't you think? 

We also did some shopping at Country Club Plaza, where my sister met a penguin.  Please note she is not actually touching the penguin because she did not have her antibacterial wipes. Whatev. 

Luckily we picked up a map of the stores, because tucked away in one corner was this totally cute and fucking awesome bakery.

The beautiful and impressive array of homemade goodies.

Mmmm, dooonut. 

I love frosting piped on in a big beehive pillow. Connotes awesomeness.

I hope this was cream cheese frosting, because there's really no other choice for carrot cake.

A little nod to Halloween.

Oh but wait! Did anybody notice the name of the last treat? "Puptart"? Huh? Does this place bake little pups into its goodies? Oh no!

The name of the bakery is Three Dog Bakery, and it's all for dogs! YAAAYYY!!!!! Can you believe this is all for dogs?  We picked up a few treats for the pugs, of course, and if you want to see some totally cute loot that my sister snagged for her pugs, check it out here.

In a nearby store, we also found some cutie sweets for humans. 

Lotso chocos.

Colorful confections.

This one looks like it's still for dogs, though, eh? But I swear, it was a for-humans petit four.

So while my sister and I had a thoroughly good time exploring our brand of "fun", Kevin and my brother in law had their own, including a World War I memorial and a train station.

The dogs stores and bakeries were WAY more fun than this.


  1. OMG the doggie bakery looked good enough to eat!!! And the people bakery...drool....
    I'm SO glad there was a part three to this story! I loved parts one and two!

  2. wow. the pug crazy just leaps off the page.

  3. I love penguins too! I'm ok with germs though. :)

  4. I wanted you to buy all of it. But if I ever saw all of that in your apt you'd definitely be the crazy dog person. Maybe just the pug satan.

  5. So, wait... I can't eat that donut? Sad face. Oh, and I'll just assume you bought all your blog readers some brownie pops. :D

    That devil pug looks downright evil! Bahaha LOVE it all.

  6. I want to see pictures of the pugs enjoying their treats!!

  7. Awww! I am loving the ghost puptart! Too bad I would totally want to eat it...