Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I've been away for a while because I was in London last week. Yipee!!!!

Anyway, more on my travels later.  The title of this post relates to my next request.  Would someone please get married and use this on their cake?  I'll pay you.

And okay, I will tell you a little about my London trip right now.  Let me introduce you to the highlight of my trip.

Molly the Mastiff.  I ran into this big hunk 'o' love in Regent's Park.  We had a connection.

She showed me her big fat cheeks.

She was the size of a small bear.

Just one last shot.


  1. oh. my. goodness. she has more wrinkles on just her nose wrinkle than a pug has on her entire face.

  2. I'm pretty sure I just fell in love with that dog.

    I was so happy to get a stream of comments from you this morning, it made my day. Glad you're back friend!! ;)

  3. If my youngest sister ever gets married, I could see her using that cake topper, she's a big Tim Burton fan and that would be right up her alley! And Molly the mastiff probably poops nuggets bigger than my dogs and yours combined :)

  4. Molly is just ridiculously awesome. (kind of like that cake topper, in a way.)

  5. sashacleo: it's true! her wrinkles were amazing.

    jessica: i wanted to lay down on the ground and fall asleep on the dog. thanks for the welcome home!

    rabitstew: i do love that cake topper ever so much. and you're right about molly's size--she was a whopper.

    fromscratch: yay, more cake topper appreciation!

    cathy: thanks babe!

  6. When I lived in Dallas I used to take my Molly to daycare everyday, and there was a mastiff in her class. He was really sweet and HUGE.