Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Adorable Lunch Tote

Are you a victim of the two-bag phenomenon? You know, the one where you have your cute yet practical purse for work, but then you need another bag to carry your lunch?  

For years, I thought I was getting by just fine with the requisite purse and a fugly canvas bag, as long as the purse part of the duo was cute.  My sister begged to differ, and friend I make no lie when I tell you she had a strong point.  The canvas bag I was using was both stained and faded, and just not that attractive.

Oh yes, I tried to carry my lunch in my purse a few times, only to be rewarded by messy leaking because I had to turn the tupperware containing my lunch on its side.

So, in what turned out to be a champion week for purchases, I ordered this cutie lunch tote.

It's a bit of a splurge, but *so* much better than my sad canvas sack.  The bag is not only adorable but practical, and MACHINE WASHABLE. Get outta town.

The tote lies fairly flat when not in use.

And in this next exciting shot, you'll see that it has...a zipper! The wonders will never cease.

What I love love love about this tote is that it has a super big gusset, so the bottom expands to accommodate the 6x6-inch tupperware that I usually use for my lunch.  I had seen some really cute totes on Etsy that were tempting, but the gussets on them were only about 2 inches. No good!

This, in contrast, is good.

The material is a thick squishy something that has some stretch--sturdy yet accommodating to wide containers.  Sure, it's a bit lopsided and turgid, but this is a mighty step forward from the canvas bag that I had beaten into grodiness.  By the way, the keys are there for scale.

The handle is nice and comfy because of the material, but you can only hold it by hand.  I like to have a shoulder strap to keep my hands free if necessary (like, to hold an umbrella), so I went for the model that has a detachable shoulder strap.

I wish the shoulder strap were a little better looking, but I'll take it for those instances that I'll need it.

I'm pleased with myself. 


  1. I'm pleased for you! And impressed that you used the word "turgid" in a blog post. Well played, puggy wuggy, well played indeed.

  2. I don't know what a gusset is but this dishwasher friendly lunch bag is very intriguing!

  3. Super cute! I've been eyeing one of those bad boys for awhile, but couldn't get the wallet out for it. :(

  4. I have (had?) a great Built bag for my camera and then mark left a light on in the closet right next to the strap and it melted! Woh woh wohhhhh. I still have the bag...gotta look for a replacement strap I guess! Love thematerial its made of!

  5. that bag is adorable.

    I like how you delicately sidestep the fact that your 'canvas bag' was, indeed, a reusable grocery sack.

  6. I carry my lunch in a plastic Target bag, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna need one of these cute lunch sacks.

  7. OMG I have the same lunch bag! I also bought the matching hot mitt, I love the design.

  8. runnerslife: i was hoping someone would notice--i love that word!

    lobster: i only learned what a gusset was through wedding planning (favor bags)

    alice: they are cute--maybe there are some on ebay or something?

    cathy: sad death of the strap--all melty.

    sashacleo: that's enough out of you.

    jessica: yeah, that's pretty on par with what i was carrying around.

    wanderlust: no way! i have a lunch tote twin.

  9. I just got a new lunch tote too and I love it!! Like you, it was important for the bottom to be really wide because I like to pack a lot of stuff in my lunch.

  10. Cute! I have a laptop case for my MacBook that is made by the same company and it's made out fo the exact same material. Great minds.

  11. Uh oh. I carry my lunch (usually a lean cuisine) in my work bag (with my laptop.. bad I know) or in a canvas bag. Dangit... I should really consider getting a bit more sophisticated with my lunch tote too! You've inspired me.