Monday, September 13, 2010

Stop Squishing Me

Hey folks--sorry for the slight blogging hiatus. I took a long Labor Day weekend out to California to attend a beautiful wedding and hang out with some very awesome people (and pugs), and was in a bit of an internet-aversion phase. You know how it goes, right? Needing a little break?

Before I go back to showing you more of my tireless kitchen endeavors (I use the word "tireless" in case Kevin is reading and needs a reminder re: his requisite gratitude), here's what the pugs have been up to.

Following up on my post from the other day, It warms my heart to see our pugs cuddle with each other.

Yeah, that's freshly cleaned laundry

And sometimes it just makes me giggle.


  1. That look like "what clean laundry?" kills me. Bodie loves to sleep in my closet, maybe they like the smell of fabric softener?

  2. omg. bunni is giving rikki a pug rosette! she says -- u do not have enuff wrinkles. i will smoosh u some more.

  3. can't wait to meet both of the puggies together!!!!

  4. They are so precious!! I love when Molly and Belle cuddle together too!

  5. Love it! They are so cute! What is it with dogs and clean laundry? Mine has no use for the dirty laundry :) She also likes to roll around in my clean, warm sheets :)

  6. pug spoon is too cute! welcome back!