Thursday, September 30, 2010

It Never Stood a Chance

Speaking of missing appendages...

The other day I brought out a new toy for the pugs to play with.  They went to town on it, right away.

Action shot (Bunni was ravenous and wouldn't stop moving):

I know, you're like what the hell is that. That doesn't look like a toy. 

Well, it's not quite "a toy".  Here's a closer look.

Yes, it's "part of a toy".  The ear part, to be exact.

So where's the rest of the toy?  Oh Rikki, where aarree yooouuu??

 Ah. Rikki's found the rest of the toy.  Ahem--Rikki, would you mind giving up half earless rabbit head so I can perform some repairs?

In response, Rikki hunkers down.

Which quickly transitions into multiple photo opportunities for the momma.

This toy lasted about 2 minutes, if that, before the severance.


  1. Teehee. It's a 2 for 1 deal! Now you have 2 toys for 2 pugs. Oh, girls.

  2. LOL, I love the pug posts! Stuffed toys last all of ten seconds in our house. Stuffing all over the living room in less than a minute. Stuffed toys are now banned, as are rope toys, and squeaker toys, and food toys (too many fights)... Their toy options are minimal.

  3. rikki little smushed face looks like a toy, too. a toy for extensive kisses.

  4. This is all too common in my household. The three little furry monsters are ninja assassins when it comes to toys - especially those with stuffing!

  5. We have a lot of pieces of toys around our house too. I always think about throwing them away, but they still love them.