Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nursery Reveal

I am 38 weeks pregnant.  Are we ready? I'm not sure if anyone can ever really be ready for a baby and the extreme life change to come, and besides, the answer in our case is a definitive "no".  Oh you think I'm joking.  While having your nursery all set up is not necessarily indicative of how prepared people are to raise a baby, it's a nice benchmark that shows that you've...well, put thought and effort into the endeavor.  At some point, during one of my haphazard and aimless wanderings into the nursery, I completely abandoned the notion that we would be ready in this regard.

Admittedly, I have been organizing and making lists of things that need to get done (like learn how to strap a baby into the carseat).  Some may call this "nesting". I don't think so. It's more like "basic shit needs to get done so why don't you finish eating that cookie and get to work".

So here are pics of our nursery, the state of which directly correlates to and quite accurately depicts my frame of mind and preparedness for the impending baby.

Hallway leading into nursery.  At some point, I'm guessing soon, this table, which will be used as a diaper changing table, will need to move into the actual nursery, although there isn't room for it now because of the following...

Some people put up wall art, bookshelves, and mobiles in their nursery.  We have decided that "boxes" is a fine theme for decor.

Kevin did set up the crib. This is the crowning achievement of our nursery.  It's the Gulliver crib from Ikea.  Like you care--this isn't exactly the type of nursery from which pinterest posts and inspiration are derived.

This is what the baby will be looking at from the crib.  We want our baby's first word to be "clutter" or "junk".  That crib railing there? That was the defective one that I managed to get Ikea to replace after a cumulative 1.5 hours on the phone (99% of it on hold). Behind it is a shipping box for 12 bottles of wine. We thought that was appropriate for a nursery.

And there you have it.  I hope this post makes you feel better about your life.

Oh, and here's a picture of me last week at 37 weeks.


  1. you make me so happy. this is truly the best nursery reveal i have ever seen.

    also, cheers to 38 weeks my dear. you look fantastic and make me believe, erroneously, that being pregnant will be rainbows and butterflies and lots of basketball-stomach perfection.

    so thanks.

  2. You crack me up! Keep the boxes around long enough, that kid is going to have a blast pretending they're forts or rocket ships or something.

  3. The. Best. Nursery. Reveal. EVER. :-D

    P.s. — You look great! You seem to be one of those pregnant women that all other pregnant women hate because they have that perfect basketball bump with no weight gain anywhere else. Jealous! Best of luck in the final stretch!

  4. I love the theme! empty wine containers and fancy lamps!

    is that a pug I spy in the corner? bunni wants to know why she hasn't starred in any of your posts lately.

  5. Love it!! Best wishes for the short remainder of your pregnancy!

  6. Hahahaha! Kick ass nursery! Best reveal ever! But seriously, I love that you're so honest about it. You really don't use the nursery until the baby's like 3 months old anyway. Don't stress about it. Just enjoy those last few weeks of eating cookies for dinner and being giant (which you're not by the way, you look great!).

  7. LOL, this is hilarious! And you are just about the cutest pregnant person I have ever seen!! I hope the pups are ready for a baby in the house. =) And I agree with Sara above, you won't need the nursery for a while. And even then, your kid shouldn't be mobile for longer than that. So try to relax and enjoy your last couple of weeks of non-motherhood. =)

  8. We are so far from ready, but the nursery has been painted and we do have the crib up (People can say what they want about NYC. You can pay people to do anything here and that includes delivering and setting up your crib for you). . We also just don't have any frickin room in the nursery, so there is only so much we can buy. Plus, we HAVE to use the nursery because our box of a NYC apartment has no room for the kid in our room. That said, I think I would walk about 10 steps to the nursery anyway. Personally, I think kids like boxes. Keep up the theme. You are definitely pregnant cute. I think you at 38 weeks is me this week at 28. :)

  9. I'm going to have to agree with previous posters that you have THE perfect pregancy body!! Basketball bump with no additional weight gain anywhere else!! You look amazing!

  10. 1)Our nurseries look the same and I have an actual baby that's supposed to sleep in mine
    2)It will all fall into place, promise.
    3)you look gorgeous
    4)and adorable
    5)and gorgeous

  11. I'm so gonna post one of these on Pinterest...

  12. Thank you for this. Your commentary keeps things real. You look awesome or what I describe as "movie pregnant". YAY!! pugs gettin' a new baby bro soon. Watch out, ladies.

  13. Keep it real friend! Love the wine, and babies def. like boxes over any other play things. You're bump is adorable!

  14. Love this post!

    And if kids are anything like pets, cardboard boxes will make better toys than actual toys, so you're all set!