Friday, January 13, 2012

Time Out

I've been lazy about blogging lately.  There are a few draft posts of recipes I have made but honestly I haven't been that excited about the things that I've made lately. I'm in a post-holiday slump.  Kevin suggested that I think of other things to blog about.  I'm going to ignore that helpful, positive suggestion and instead, put myself in a time-out.

This is how the pros to a time-out.

Bunni wedging herself in the corner by the front door. Totally random (she must have had a guilty conscience about something, like always backing away from me when I try to embrace her in a soul-crushing bear hug)

What, Bunni, what did you do?

I know you did something, it's written all over your face. 

Yes, hang your head in shame, little girl. Hang it.

You're round-eyed and horrified at what you've done, aren't you?

Oh wait, you're just sleepy.

No remorse, I tell you.


  1. I don't buy the whole "sleepy" excuse. That pug is up to something.

  2. I must admit, your writing combined with these pictures had me cracking up this morning!

  3. teehee! Pugs that are up to no good are so good!

  4. Shameful corner-pug! So cute! And sometimes its good to recharge the blogging energy...may you find excitement in posting again soon!

  5. Hahaha! My dogs always have that "guilty" look when I come home, but they're not disciplined enough to ever put themselves in the corner! Love it!

  6. I love Bunni. She's so sweet and precious!! Even when she sends herself to time out, or just to the corner to sleep. :) Also, feel free to take a break, we will always be here when you're ready to come back!

  7. jessica: it was certainly suspicious of her.

    lauren: bunni is always good for a giggle!

    lobster: haha that's true!

    penga and kelsey: thanks for the encouragement re: blogging!

    sara: i have yet to find what she did, but i'm sure she did something!

  8. where did this post come from? I never saw it!

    Bunni is clearly thinking about how she would rather be living with me. either that or she has gotten into your sock drawer.