Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mama Lemme Up

I was working from home one day, and got to see the pugs in their full lazy glory. They really do lay around and sleep all day. They moved from sunspot by the window, to couch, to their bed, and then for a rare moment they plopped themselves in the middle of the living room floor, a few feet from where I was working.

Do you see Bunni looking at me? Like boring her eyes into my head?  It's because despite all the changes in sleeping locale that day, there was one place that she hadn't graced with her turgid self.

So she wanders over and does one of classic "Mama lemme uppp!!!" poses. She will perch her paws on your chair, arch her back, and then paw at you like she's kneading bread. Or trying to dig herself out of a grave. Either one.

While Kevin usually caves in and rewards this kind of behavior, Bunni's mama is made of tougher, meaner stuff. Not quite iron, but maybe some good synthetic rubber.

She takes the unusual tactic of sitting there and just willing me to pick her up.  Don't be fooled.  This is the dog that usually when reached for, backs away like you're coming at her with handmitts of fire. 

Rikki, in the meantime, lay there watching everything.  I know that if I picked Bunni up, Rikki would have been there in a hot second to use her big saucer-eyed puss 'n' boots look on me.  By the way Kevin doesn't like it when I refer to it as her puss 'n' boots look, because he thinks Rikki has proprietary rights over the look and I shouldn't sully it by dragging in a reference to something other than Rikki.  It is all her own.

Back to Bunni, who has kinda given up. I say "kinda" because do you see those ears? Yeah, she's still hoping.


  1. the pugs look wonderful! great post for a foggy thursday morning.

  2. So true! My dog just lays around and sleeps all day too.

  3. Oh my gosh, they look so cute!! I cannot give over their expressions. And, my dogs are so lazy too! I'm always surprised when I'm home and witnessing it all.

  4. Hahaha my dogs do this ALL the time. They'll stretch their bodies all the way up and paw at my shoulder until they get what they want. You're good to not give in though...lately they've started doing this routine when we're at the dinner table!! Spoiled brats!!

    They're just so adorable though, right??

  5. Our beagle does the clawing thing, and his nails are so thick! It's horribly painful not to mention seriously annoying. The little one does the "pick me up" then run around like I'm some kind of hatchet killer coming after him thing. It is not amusing.

  6. you meanie! Leaving poor Bunni on the ground... ;) I don't know how you resist that face.


    says the weak-willed woman who routinely ends up with 3 pugs on the lap.

  8. Lol you're tough stuff! I don't know if I would have been able to resist :)

  9. Ohhh my pugness! How could you resist that. I love the stretchy pose!

  10. These little pugs are so cute! I really really want a pug and these photos are not helping !

  11. lauren & kelsey: i know, they're just lazy little loveballs, aren't they?

    mandy: it is terribly cute when they do this, even at the dinner table. bad!

    katie: i know, can't tell you how much it warms my heart when bunni backs away from me like i'm poison.

    megan, sashacleo, penga and lobster: it was very, very hard to resist.

    katherine: get a pug! get a pug!