Monday, October 10, 2011

Because You Know You Want One...

I've been looking at a lot of Halloween stuff lately on Etsy.  While I'm not the person that has everything decked out and I don't even wear a costume, I do love Halloween.  Last year it was easier to decorate because we were living in a smaller apartment, and basically you blow up a balloon and the place would be decorated.  This year we're in a smidgen-ly bigger place, but I am on a shopping hiatus.  It's sometimes a very cruel world, something that I hope to tell any child I have as soon as they are able to comprehend English.

So these are for you. In case you want to buy them. Which of course you do.

Okay, I'm conflating Day of the Dead with Halloween. That is bad of me.  But not bad enough that you should deny yourself this colorful, spooky yet happy garland.

How cute is Vicki the Vampire? Just look at those teeth! And the skull bow! She could greet the guests at your party.

Those same guests could receive a goody bag tied up with these little cutie pumpkin tags.

And you should make cupcakes. And hug 'em with these wicked wrappers.

How awesome would it be to have this skullduggery soap?

This punch needle embroidery is calorie free.  So simple, yet it makes me smile.

I love things that glow in the night, like this luminary.

Back to that hypothetical child of mine.  I floated the idea of creating a gallery wall of the following prints for the nursery wall, which my sister thought was fantastic.  I worry about her.  

I love these prints by Lupe Flores. (Yes, that pic on the right is way over yonder.  I can't format in blogger--this should not be news to you.)

And ah mah gah how could I forget what I covet most of all:

Anyone gearing up for Halloween? Do tell!!


  1. You have to at least get that last one, right? I mean, the pugs are begging for it! I know they are!! And, I hope that you'll pull out your decorations from last year.

  2. Hehe! Cute finds! And I second the need for the pumpkin hat. So cute. We passed by a pug on the sidewalk yesterday chilling while its owner was getting coffee...I said, "saaakkk, it looks just like pug's pug! Can we get one too?" And he said no. Killjoy. :P

  3. You (the pugs) need that hat. :)

  4. think of all the time I've saved shopping by your already having done all the research.

    that pug looks PI-ISSed.

  5. I have never in my life decorated for Halloween. Not even when I was a kid and we did projects at school which we were supposed to bring home to hang — I just threw them away. Is that weird? (I'm the same way for other holidays too, with the exception of Christmas. Then, I put up a tree but that's about it.)

  6. I can't stand the pugkin! Lol poor pug. I love your obsession with day of the dead!

  7. You need to have a halloween party and buy all the things and invite me over. It's settled.

  8. Oh! That pup just about killed me with cuteness. I need that for my cat! And I really want that soap too. And the garland. And the cupcake wrappers. I think I have a Halloween addiction.

  9. the candy corn is too cute for words...and who could ever resist an adorable pumpkin pug???
    happy weekend!

  10. kelsey, megan, sylvie: i know, the hat is almost too cute for words.

    penga: sak is a cruel man.

    sashacleo: you must purchase everything right now.

    geekinheels: no, not weird at all! holiday decorating can be a lot of effort, and i also have to find somewhere to store everything. ah the downsides.

    lobster: i do love the day of the dead. so spooky fun.

    jessica: you're welcome any time.

    sara: halloween is so much fun, isn't it?