Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Sometimes things just don't go as planned.  It started with the idea of making a tasty, zesty blueberry and lemon olive oil cake.  So promising! It was going to be great!

I had plump, sweet delicious blueberries and a simple cake recipe. What could go wrong?

Plus, I had Heineken keeping me company. I ask you again, what could go wrong? (Yes, I'm drinking beer out of a wine glass. And yes, in retrospect I'm wondering whether Mr. Heineken had anything to do with the detour.)

I should have started to suspect that things were not going well when I started dropping eggshells left and right into the batter.

From then on, there were things like discovering there was not enough baking powder, trying to make it up with baking soda, the cake starting to burn before being cooked through, the cooking time taking eons longer than it was supposed to...and ended with me throwing the cake in the trash after determining it inedibleness.  Ah, those beautiful blueberries.

After that detour, I righted myself and focused on something definitely more promising.  I present to you my two little ottomans of joy.

Yes, that is pug fur sprinkled on the carpet.

Yes, that is a pug fur sticking out of Bunni's eye.  I swear that stuff is like kudzu.


  1. I have found, mostly by trial and error, that baking takes a certain disposition and drinking has no effect on way or other on it. To me, baking sucks. I did a post on some snickerdoodles that turned out tasting like crap. Tried to get my husband to try one but even he wouldn't.

    Also, I have found that pure joy is eating the berries on the way home from the market in an effort not to have to share them. I know, I suck.

  2. I've had some cooking failures lately also. Blah. We'll perserve though and it'll come out right. Eventually. LOL

  3. Pugs are way more important anyway. They're so cute. If it makes you feel better, I had to throw away a lemon blueberry bundt cake last week. Stupid bundt.

  4. Well, at least you had the pugs and heineken to keep you company, right? Maybe throw some blueberries into the beer?

  5. I love the pugs. So cute. Anyway....last weekend I attempted to make french toast and after slaving over the stove for 20 minutes, I cut into my breakfast and realized that I had used 1 T of salt instead of 1 T of sugar. Ick. Into the trash it went. Such a rookie mistake....and I didn't even have alcohol in my system! ;)

  6. at least you throw out the stuff that's not up to par! I would probably have tried to eat it anyway in a sad refusal to admit failure. lol. but then again, i don't have adorable pugs to make things right with the world.

  7. stupid blueberries. who cares, anyways?! you have beer! and pugs! we luv pugs!

  8. pugberries......squishy pugberries. much better than baked goods.

  9. psst. saw this today and thought i'd share. ;)

  10. twentyfivefifty: it's not a good day in the household when kevin won't eat something i made, even if i know they're terrible.

    jessica, fromscratch, hotcocoa: i'm glad i'm not alone. the humiliating isolation would be unbearable.

    kelsey, sashacleo, lobster: yes, thank goodness for the pugs.

    penga: i need that costume.