Friday, February 11, 2011

Okay Well Then FINE

I talked to my dad last night, which doesn't happen often because my mom is usually the one monopolizing the phone.  My mom was off doing something fun and nominally educational that retired people have time to do (okay I have some time, also, but this is no time to nitpick).

Anyway, so we're talking about a post where I mention him and the Chinese takeout he used to bring home.  Seeing a reference to himself in the big lights that is this blog was enough to stir him out of the usual phone dialogue of "Oh, I'm on the internet I'll tell mom you called okay goodbye."  We talked a little about the restaurant and whether the food was still as good.

Me, all excited that my dad reads my blog, asks him what he thought of some other post that I wrote, thinking that wow this blog could be a real foray into my dad and I having something fun to talk about on a regular basis.

In response, I could almost hear his big, blank stare. And a blink...blink.

I asked him if he read the post.  He said something like, "Uurrmm dunnooo no."

Let me note here that my sister has a blog. An adorable, awesome blog that I love to heavens and bitsies.

Back to dad.  As is typical of any younger child, I ask him "But don't you read *her* blog every day?"

And he said something like, "Uurrrmm hmmm well yes [merfle cough]."

"Well why don't you read my blog every day?" I ask with a most definite pout in my voice.

"Uurrmm hmmm well hers is about the pugs, and that's important and yours is mostly about food, and mom and I aren't as interested in that anymore."

It cut me to the quick.

So HERE dad, maybe you'll read THIS post because it has some PUG PICTURES.

This was Rikki the other day, moping and hoping for scraps as I cooked in the kitchen.  She lay here for at least an hour.

I think at some point she thought I flung something over in her direction...

Then she realized she was mistaken...

So I pet her instead.

I know she looks pathetic in this picture, but that's her MO.  She makes herself look extra pathetic and needy with big big round eyes so that any passerby with an ounce of heart has to stop and pet her. And then contemplate taking her home, because that's how she acts-- "Please take me home this beetch holding my leash doesn't give me nearly enough love oh I love you I just met you but I looooove yooouuu..."

Happy, Dad?


  1. Hilarious post!

    Perri does the same pathetic-eyed look too but mostly just one Pete and I (and it totally works!)

  2. ohsuchcutiepies. I know I always say this but I just wanna squish that face!! It's a loaf of pug.

  3. So basically you're saying you won't invite me to dinner because I will be tempted to steal your dogs? Because I will. And my purse is definitely big enough to fit a pug.

  4. This post is too cute. I hope your dad visits. :) (I'm the youngest too and definitely get the inequality thing. Boo!)

  5. I'm with Dad-io! MORE PUGS POSTS! I love when they call you "beetch" - are they French pugs by any chance? P.S. I'd be totally jealous too if my parent read my sis' blog routinely and not mine. Then again, none of my family really even knows I blog, much less read it (just the way i like it), and the thought of my sister writing a blog makes me bust into hysterical laughter- much like the pug posts! LOL again - can't stop LOLing!

  6. ok in defense of our poor daddy, he is admittedly and understandably obsessed with the pugs. and let the records show that our mother very carefully peruses your blog on a multiple-times-per-day basis.

    in other news -- RIKKI! COME TO YOUR AUNTIE! I will feed and love you as much as you need!

  7. that look of rikki's gets me every time. every time.

  8. Pugs!! OMG....yes!! And Rikki! She's so cuddly, I love her!

  9. Daddy should blog! ;) My mom visits and reposts Darwin in her korean blog! *blush!*

  10. Aw, pugs are adorbs. But food posts are great too!!